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What are those white spots on her Body?

Lets get personal. I was about 12 years old, in the 7th grade when I first noticed a white patch above my eyelid. It was small. After weeks of it not going away, my parents took me to the doctor. They prescribed a cream, and it went away. I was so happy! Then a few weeks later, it came back. Same size. Same spot. I didn't really wear make up, or knew how to use it. I didnt even know concealer existed lol So I hated it. We went back to the doctor's. And they said it looks like vitiligo.

I was 12, and even my parents were clueless of what it was. Vitiligo is a disorder that causes patches of skin to become white. This happens because cells that make color in your skin are destroyed. It's not curable and they don't know what causes it. They think it has to do with your autoimmune system. It is not contagious. Don't worry :) Can you guys imagine being a teenager and being told that my whole body was gonna have these white patches. I am so glad I didn't have a phone, or internet back then because it would have only freaked me out more. I've been dealing with this for over 19 years. I have spots on my eyelids, on my hands, my stomach, my arms. Whatever I get on one side of my body, it happens to the other side. Same exact spot. Some people get them all over, within couple of years and fast. For me its been a slow growth. They keep coming.

I feel like God let me grow mentally. Let me grow some confidence. Because although I dont love it, I am more comfortable with them. This is me. And I have to admit, I have such an awesome community. Because I'm sure you guys have seen them. Especially when I do close up lives. And none of you guys have asked. Or made a mean remark or anything like that. Thank you. I just thought it was time to talk about it. Sometimes I get a little scared, because I'm a human. But God blessed me with a dope soul! I rather have that, then be pretty on the outside and have an ugly soul. I'm learning to be comfortable with myself. Because I already spend too much time hating myself. Embrace everything about you. And if there's something you're unhappy with and it's in your hands to make a change, do it. When we feel good, everything around us feels good. Love yourself. Its important 🖤

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Danira Cancinos
Danira Cancinos
Feb 07, 2019

Thank you so much for sharing 💜 you making me cry over here!! Praying for her, and for you. For guidance. You're a great mom, I can already tell. I wish I can hug her and you!! Its not an easy journey, but I am 100% sure that when we are surrounded with people who love us, it's so much easier!! Stay strong 💜


Was not prepared to read this post. But it was too late, I started while I'm sitting outside my daughters school, now trying not to cry. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with vitiligo when she was 4. And even with the internet, there isn't much information or research for vitiligo. I say this put me in tears because one of the hardest things for a parent, is trying to always make sure your kids are ok. That they won't be bullied. That the world will be kind to them. And as that concern resonates with all my daughters, watching the patches of white appear more and more on my now 9 year old, amazing daughter. I can't help but worr…

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