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Caramel apple class Q&A

• When is the first day I can buy the class?

May 21.

• When is the last day?

June 3.

• Class will start June 4.

• How much is the class?


• Will you accept payments? No, Unfortunately $200 is due at time

at time of purchase.

• What if I don’t have the money right now? Can I Join later? Next class will be beginning of October.

• Why is it so much? If its online? Not hands on?

When I started doing hands on, I had a lot of people asking me to do it online. I didn't want to because it wasn’t fair to those who traveled etc for me to do it online and cheaper. A lot of you guys told me to charge the same. And were willing to pay. Also, I truly believe you can make your money back with 3 orders you make. And Truly believe it can increase your sales.

Is your caramel from scratch?

No it is not. Its an actual product.

• Is it peters caramel?

No its not.

• I don’t have near by local supply stores, what if I cant find the caramel where I live?

This caramel is not sold in bakery supply stores. Its actually found at most grocery stores and amazon.

• Will you teach us how to use it?

Of course. I will guide you step by step. From start to finish.

• I've never taken a Facebook class, how does it work?

You will need a facebook account. After you purchase the class, an automatic email will be sent to you . Inside that email, you will find a download that includes the link to the class(which is a private Facebook group) You will press request, put in the info it ask, and wait to get approved. You wont be able to see anything until you are approved. Should be added within 24 hours. Once it has been approved, Facebook will notify you. And then you can see the content within the group. The classes will be in form of live videos. Which I will notify you with time, when I plan to go live. And if you miss it? Replay will be available.

• Is this friendly beginner? Yes it is. No experience needed.

• Is this a forever class ? Meaning I can watch as many times as I want?

Yes it is!

• Will you give us info on where you get your apples, sticks, boxes etc

Yes, I will provide links to where I purchase these items.

• Will you talk about pricing?

I will do a break down of how much I charge. And give you an idea of what goes into pricing it.

• Will you teach us a special design. Or just plain caramel?

Bonus classes for free: we will be making pecan caramel apples. Mazapan apples. And chocolate Dipped apples.

• Is the caramel hard to work with? A lot of bubbles? Etc

In my honest opinion this is one of the easiest caramel to work with.

• After buying the class, what other investment await us? Do we need special utensils.

Be prepared to buy the caramel. Apples. Sticks. You will need a NONSTICK pot. After that everything else is optional.

Is a supply list given?

Yes it will be given on first day of class. June 4th.

Will you consider giving the class in Spanish?

I am all for it, but there needs to be interest. At least 50 people.

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