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Fail Proof Caramel Apple Course

My online Fail proof Caramel Apple Course is launching May 21. May 21 will be the first day you can purchase it. Last day to purchase will be June 3. Now you're asking well how much is it going to be? $200. Some of you may say Ok im in! Take my money! Lol and I appreciate that! But I do know theres some who are having doubts. Totally understandable! Let's talk about your doubts.

Am I REALLY gonna learn how to make them from start to finish? Like step by step? Yes you are! I will guide you step by step. Im known to be a very thorough teacher. I want you to succeed. Its important to me.

What if I'm a beginner? Is it beginner friendly? I don't sell anything, I just do things on the side. For fun. For my family. Would I benefit from this class. Yes. Yes and Yes. You do not need experience to take and succeed in this class. As long as you are willing to put in the work, I truly believe you can make some beautiful apples!

You might also be thinking, I've invested so much into my business, and I haven't seen the growth. I'm reluctant to keep investing. Been there! Sometimes we take all these classes, watch the classes, and never put into practice. Because life happens. And we forget. And then our money just goes down the drain. We gotta have discipline and determination when we invest. Be willing to put in the work. Break the cycle you keep repeating. Its the only way you're gonna see the fruit of your labor. If you put in the work, I can guarantee these $200 will be the best $200 you've ever spent. But you gotta be willing.

I want to take this class Danira so bad! But I just dont have $200 right now. It seems too high for my budget. For some the reality is, you don't have the means to pay that right now. So save for my next launch in October. If you start saving $10 each week, starting now you'll have $200 saved for October! For the rest of you, you do have the $200 but because you dont see the value in taking the class, your brain tell you nope! You don't have that type of money. Rewire the way you think about the class. This is an investment. Meaning I will put in $200 and gain so much more in return. Don't feel guilty for it. You, your business deserve to grow. Once again, if you are willing to put into practice what you learn, you will not regret spending $200 on this course. Promise.

I wanna hear from you, what stops you from saying, Im in? I wanna help and give you some clarity. I will be talking more and more about my course. And I will be doing Q&A's on Facebook and Instagram to answer all your questions. Don't worry ❤ I am super excited!

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When is your next course?


Thank you so much for your classes and free tutorials! I also appreciate your advice a lot of have through it were we think we are loosing but we have to keep working and invest when we can ❤️ can't wait!!!!


Hola yo estoy interesada en el


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