Stuffed Churro Course


These churros are NOT made from scratch. It is not egg rolls or pillsbury dough. This course is called a "course" because it will have different sessions. Its not just 1 video or 2. This course will cover, how to make them from start to finish. No skipping steps here. I will show you fillings. My best seller is cheesecake filling. We will also make banana. And nutella. I have made apple pie, chocolate mexicano, pumpkin and even platano!! The possibilities are endless!


Free Bonuses: how to make vegan stuffed churros! And also my new flavor; strawberry shortcake cheesecake flavor! Includes how to make strawberry filling from scratch! Its delicious!!


This course doesn't stop there. We will go over how to market them. How to make a lot for a sale. How to take the orders. How to fulfill them. I have made over $1,500 on a single sale. Just selling churros. These can easily become one of your number 1 sellers. It's not just a technique. This course is beyond that. I'm here to save you lots of errors, tears, stress, and help you bring in something new to your menu. Something that can help your business grow financially.


This is a forever link class. Class will take place on Facebook. Last day to purchase this class will be May 31st. See you in there!


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